About the company.


The Sinara Capital is a diversified company, uniting 18 enterprises of various sectoral focus. The total number of employees is
22,500 people. The central office of the Sinara Capital is located in Yekaterinburg.
The Sinara Capital is established as an investment company introducing modern business management technologies, taking into account
the common principles of production, technological, investment, social and information policies. The company’s activities are aimed at
effective investments and increase of business value.

Based on the results of the Sinara Capital’s operations in 2016, revenues from sales (excluding VAT) amounted to 51.79 billion rubles. (in 2015 – 51.75 billion rubles.) The volume of investments in 2016 amounted to 11.31 billion rubles. (in 2015 – 10.76 billion rubles.) The amount of EBITDA – 1.67 billion rubles.

  • Finance

    SKB-Bank is one of the most dynamically developing banks in Russia. An old man of the banking system of modern Russia, founded in 1990. Since 2004, SKB-Bank is a participant of the State Deposit Insurance System. Since autumn 2008, the Bank has been accredited with the State Deposit Insurance Agency and is entitled to act on its behalf and at its expense when paying refunds on deposits to customers of other banks.


    JSC “Sinara – Transport Machines” (STM) is a divisional holding company of the Sinara Capital, whose structure includes the following enterprises: JSC “Lyudinovskiy Diesel Locomotive Plant” (LTZ, Kaluga Region), Ural Diesel-Motor Plant LLC (UDMZ, Ekaterinburg ), OOO Center for Innovative Development of STM (TsIR STM, Yekaterinburg), OOO STM Trading House (TD STM LLC), STM-Service LLC, JSC Kaluga Plant of Track Machines and Hydraulic Drives, and also SinaraPromTrans.


    JSC “Sinara-Development” is the divisional holding of the Sinara Capital. The main task: the integrated management of projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate, the implementation of projects for the integrated development of territories in the Sverdlovsk region and other regions of Russia.